early crescent moon -
one pale sliver of courage
holds back the darkness

- published in FreshOut, Nov 2022
beneath each lantern
a hot moon pitched against sky -
endless midnight runs

- published in Scarlet Dragonfly, Dec 2022
bright steel drum bounces
as glass crunches in a wound -
summer carnival
smudge on a lens -
robin's face distorted
for both of us
riverbank estate -
mob of younger wingnut trees
surround the willow
ravaging wildfires -
the pinch as cold steel restrains
a swelling finger
downtown traffic -
a clutch of sharply dressed birds
slip through the crowds
howling wind dies -
the playful splashing
of a small frog
glistening fig -
silent pools of sour milk
blue melts to yellow
while rough clouds soften -
torn basil distracts
sleeping duckling
swells with each shallow breath -
creaking willow
three swallows waltz down
silent victorian street -
lonely red watchers
different wind brings
faint tapping on the window -
thunderous applause
velvet horizon -
squirrel plotting his next route
from the chimney stack
open window -
warm rain softly buckles
maple leaves
scratch at the night sky -
reveal the wax puppeteer
of furious tides
liquid gold chases
burnt sole across the shallows -
five fishermen watch
cascading ribbons -
salmon dance with butterflies
above white bubbles
fresh swirling oats cool
sunrise dredging lake's shadows -
recharge your senses
woven surf blankets
rolling blues from cloudless still -
hidden dolphin stirs
wild poppies bleed through
the rubble of a red brick
house - soothing anguish
blinding sun forgets
night's damp embrace - sunset is
two chuckling piglets
dash between ripe champagne fields -
a daring escape
starlings pair across 
golden skies – accusations
denied by their song