a shaft of sunlight
mottles the forest floor -
circle of mushrooms

- published in FreshOut, Jan 2023
caught in the spider's web -
fox shrine -
rain crashes through
golden leaves
cold alley -
from the shadows
slips a white cat
misty rooftops - 
forty nine crows
take flight
eleventh hour -
auburn fingers caress
pale flesh
outdoor dining -
shadows break the circle
of the campfire
cold snap -
a dog's voice carries
on the wind
pumpkin flesh -
my rotting faces
mock me
through the darkness
a flickering grin -
vibrant leaves
surround human statues -
highway protest
lightning flash -
seven perched ravens
stare back at me
golden rooster
perched above malted fields -
warm colours -
a hazelnut plunges
through ink
slow footsteps crunch
a dozen shades of orange -
whispers in the fog
thundering rain
all around the makeshift crib -
smile caught in a flash
newborn grasping at
lemons falling from the sky -
grandpa's lunch runs cold
animal laughter 
pierces unnatural shade -
night shift
awesome scarlet oaks
oppose seven marbled floors -
hundred year standoff
babbling fool -
goldfinch bends the naked branch
but a hawk circles
blessings fall though we
offer nothing in return -
generous old tree